ikers Billet Triumph Trident 660 Radiator Grille Guard/Cover/Protector


  • ¬†Corrosion resistant finish
  • Does not affect cooling or restrict air flow.
  • Mounts to the radiator frame to provide frontal impact protection.
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Bikers Billet Radiator Guards are laser cut from a single sheet of stainless steel so as to feature a neat, seamless guard without any raised bezel / borders. They improve the looks of your bike and provide a solid net to catch any small object ordebris from making contact with your precious radiator. Bikers Billet radiator guard have a dense design at the center and have slightly light designs on both the ends which makes it suitable for all environmental use (i.e.: highway riding, off-road riding etc.) Installing a radiator guard will mostly protect your radiator from flying debris. Which means that your radiator and its fins are protected even when your throttle is wide open on the highways. At high speeds, flying debris with high velocity can result in perforating into the motorcycle’s high pressure cooling system as well as ruin your day. So, use this valuable adjunct for a secure ride.





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Bikers Billet
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