BIKERS BILLET KTM ADVENTURE BASH PLATE (250/390) ( Stainless steel )


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Bikers Billet Bash Plate/Guards are laser cut from a single sheet of stainless steel, to feature a neat and seamless guard without any raised bezel / borders. Bikers Billet’s Bash Plates are directly fitted below the company’s plastic bash guard, to improve the looks of your bike and provide a solid net to protect your bike from underneath abrasion and impact with your precious engine parts. Bikers Billet has chosen 2.5 -3.0 mm High Grade Stainless Steel plate because of its extreme resistance against impact / abrasion as well as to match the bash plate’s integrity and durability. Bikers Billet Bash plate is well equipped to protect the underside of your bike from damage, high speed breakers and off-road debris, etc. The bash plates are supplied with the necessary stainless bolts. All Bash Plates are powder coated and laser marked with batch number for authenticity and warranty. Note: This Bash Plate is compatible with the KTM Adventure 250/390 models onwards.




Adventure 250



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